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April 26, 2006


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Syd Webb

Ah, good old Kung Fu Monkey.

I have even thought about writing about the missing years of Rubeus Hagrid, when he was playing for the NFL.

Snort! Good job I wasn't drinking coffee at this point...

Bernard Guerrero

Good stuff! However, their analyses tend to the shallow side. Lost, for instance, is just as ridiculous as they lay out. That's precisely what makes it a great TV show, though! I can scarcely get through an episode without having a moment akin to what Doug described as his feeling after finishing _Candle_, that is, wanting to punt the TV across the room and then walk over and punt it across the _next_ room. (24 tends to generate the same feeling, except I want to shoot the TV.) That's the whole fun of it! I spend days dealing with all sorts of idiots I have to be polite to. It feels great to see some fictional idiots on TV and yell "Idiots! Why aren't you looking for the generator!?" or "Jackass! Why are you calling in your nutty, felonious ex-wife as a political fixer?" Or talk with my wife about how we should move to Hollywood, because apparently any thimblewit can get a well paying job as a "writer" and clearly spend most of his/her time down at the beach. Tyrone just doesn't get it.

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