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April 06, 2006


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Will Baird

lol. Count us as another et of global runners. To and from Ukraine with a day spent in London each way. Wee!


Hey, Carlos, when are you going to do another paleo* post? IDK if I will get to do a paleoclimate sim, but the climatologist I have been talking to has been uber interested in the proposals that I sent him. I guess getting access to a 70+ teraflop system and getting 120+ TB of data generated tickled his interest! :D I have interest from the file system vendor, the storage vendor, the user (duh), and some cautious interest from a telecom. I have to talk to the system vendors, esp the big one we're buying, and preferably the other two big system vendors too. There are some nontrivial issues, technical and otherwise, to overcome, but if there is a Will There is a Way.



Thank you, Mr. Coyu, for pointing this out. To know what to read, we often have to know what there is to be read...I'm happy to add someone this interesting my reading lists. I would have completely missed this on my own.

Thanks again...and Yes, Gooooooo Joe...and good luck.

Best Wishes,


Joseph Eros

Doug: Re your comment on my blog; I don't have your contact information. It would be best to send it to my gmail address.

I have planned for backtracking to Georgia from Armenia; when I went to the Azeri embassy they told me that "We have no border with Armenia."

Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing all of you.


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