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April 14, 2006


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Bernardus Sylvestris

Amen to that. Joyce prophecied much, or much can be read into it.
Three quarks for Master Mark

Francis Burdett

It was as though a voice came from late 30's Paris and spoke directly to me.

Now I have a rejoinder to my partner if he calls from the next room and wonders what I am doing on the computer.

"It's High Modernism- dangitt"

-Frank Burdett "who has googled a few thingabibs in his time"


There is no apostrophe in Finnegans Wake.
Joyce wanted maximum meaning, and includes the invocation for all Finnegans(that's us) to wake.




My quote was also incorrect, "Three quarks for Muster Mark!"
I always liked GellMann using Joyce to name the fundamental particles.
I just found this.
I like the following limerick by Avrum Gruner:
One quark for beauty's sake,
one quark to rhyme them,
One quark for riverrun,
past Adam, Eve, and Feynman,
In the laps of marble,
where discomforts lie.


You know, when the study of quarks was still largely theoretical, Zweig called them 'aces', because he thought they were four of a kind (turns out there are six), while Feynman called them 'partons', which implies a pair. So we should be grateful to Gell-Mann, even if he was being something of a show-off.

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