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April 05, 2006


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Dear Claudia: I find this all just so fascinating! I'm kind of in awe. Be that as it may, I did have one curious thought...you mention driving the Boys to school...have you already purchased a vehicle? Did you have to get a driver's License already? Or are you actually only taking taxi's?

I know it's only a little detail, but I was curious. Being able to get around in a new city is a big deal, usually.

Always wishing You and your Family well,



Hi Traveller,

I would drive if I had a car. Ours is on its loooong way from Germany -- the entire route as described above. It won't be here until early next month, and I am having second thoughts about that. Taking a driver and car is not expensive but you feel it after a while. And it's not entirely convenient - I send him away for the day, and then remember that we need water. Or milk. Or diapers. You know, essentials. Maybe we ought to have sold the old car and bought a new one here.

[I'm writing this as the computer tries to dial up And there - a connection! But, it's slow. 7.2 Kbps. Didn't know it was possible, I didn't. My husband says, if it's a valid connection, take what you can get. It's a valid connection but it doesn't do anything. Just sits there.]

I am waiting anxiously for my car. And the traffic here is much less than in Bucharest, although the rules are very different. "There are no rules", says my driver. Well, there are rules, they are just not official or intuitive, especially for drivers from other countries. But that's a topic for its own post one day.


On the plane on my way to Boston yesterday, I was amused to find an article in the on-board magazine (Air Canada) about Yerevan and Armenia. I'll see if I can find a link to the article online, but would you like a copy if I walk off with the magazine on my way home? I'd be happy to mail it to you.


"Carlos, I checked and apparently we would get mail if there was any. I am waiting."

Cool! I will prepare box three. (I'm trying to remember what I put into boxes one and two: the Freuchen and the Thompson Seton, the Scalzis -- obtained in such a way so that the NHs do not see one thin dime -- the first of the Garth Nix, a v. cool historical novel on the life of Tina Modotti, some other stuff. Oh, and some Martha Stewart Livings.)


Claudia, if you would find the Air Canada magazine article about Armenia to be interesting or even just amusing, if you can send me your snail mail address, I'll send it on to you. You should be able to get my email address from the Creche group, if you can't pull it from my posting here.

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