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February 08, 2006


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Syd Webb

Thanks for the update, Carlos.

Here in the Brown and Pleasant Land Superbowl XL received very little coverage, apart from how the half-time entertainment, the Strolling Bones, were bleeped. It surprises me that no-one in the NFL had actually listened to Start Me Up before the gig.

Or is this like Janet Jackson's nipple malfunction and the League simply trying to generate a bit of controversy and buzz?


Syd, right idea, wrong direction. The NFL doesn't like this sort of controversy. The ideal Superbowl halftime show from their perspective would have a bland, sexy, unthreatening singer with cross-racial and youth appeal, a strong time sense, and no politics whatsoever.

Me, I was bummed that they didn't have Stevie Wonder and Ted Nugent. Together at last!

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