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February 20, 2006


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Andrew Gray

I like the coinage theory, but it seems odd to have the US at $1ish, Japan and Europe at $6 and the UK at $9. I guess it's an order-of-magnitude thing - compared to a country at $0.03, they're much the same.

Good luck with the moving.


E-LE-PHANT! E-LE-PHANT! Dude, you must.

Bernard Guerrero

Coins? Cash? Dude, a day without a debit card is like a day without sunshine. Whenever we have one of these "pitch in to buy X a b-day/going away/congratulations on the new kid" things, I need to make a special trip to the ATM. I just don't carry the stuff, too dirty and bulky. (Though that may work in favor of your theory.)


I spent some time in Cambodia last month and loved it. Phnom Penh isn't the nicest city in the world but it has a gritty, edgy feel to it that I found interesting. Also, I'd say the Royal Palace is far nicer than the one in Bangkok and the National Museum is housed in a very beautiful building. Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields of Cheng Eok are particularly gruesome.

Then again, I hardly left the Mekong/Tonle Sap area so I didn't see too much unpleasantness.


I'm with Carlos on the Elephant; try and get pictures if you can. It just sounds both bizzare and cool, like the pony rides they offer at state fairs and petting zoos for kids. But, well, bigger. And it reminds me of "Operation Dumbo Drop" which is another great Indochinese story, especially as told by Walt Disney Multimedia.

As for Cambodian script, the complaint reminds me of Arabic script, especially as I work in archives with my advisor, as her research monkey; even within the range of textbooks I use, letters can get interesting, and have a wider divergence than in English; there's a whole subsection of Arabic poetry in which the poem forms the shape of an object or an animal with the script; I can imagine, from a brief google, that Cambodian is similar, or worse.

Downside, ahora, is that I can't speak for the "Arab Street" in the Middle East. In a few years, I can compare and contrast Lebannon and Syria, what with _my_ schoolboy French.



Bernard Guerrero

"It just sounds both bizzare and cool, like the pony rides they offer at state fairs and petting zoos for kids. But, well, bigger."

They do camels at the Bronx Zoo.

Francis Burdett


Good Lord, Has not the Cambodian nation suffered enough?

Bernard Guerrero

What the Hell is wrong with Hackey-Sack? Elitist snob! It's not like they're infested with skateboarders or Jackass cast-members or something....


Hey! On behalf of the population segment that enjoys /both/ hackey-sack and Jackass, I would much prefer to see Phnom Penh populated with the cast of Jackass than Hackey-sackers. Jackass is so much smarter, and more interesting, than Hackey-Sack.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to smear myself with honey and run through the bear-infested woods.



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