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January 03, 2006


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Andrew Reeves

I would recommend slogging through about four semesters worth of Classical Greek. Basically just go through Anne Groton's From Alpha to Omega (which someone of your intelligence could probably do in a couple of months or less). After that, the NT will be a breeze. NT is, after all, about the only Greek that I can read without beating my head against the wall in frustration and weeping like a small child.And, as George Peppard might have said, here's to more plans coming together.

Bernard Guerrero

I resolve to read Martha Stout's "The Sociopath Next Door" and the DSM-IV. Just so I can tell, you know?

Francis Burdett

"Three's Company" vs "A-Team" :-) You single people... you know we married guys have to live through ya'll.

On "Finnegan's Wake" - the professor of my "Ulysses" course said it was best to sing it aloud, rather than read it silently.

-A wish for a happy and prosperous 2006 and best of luck on the Septuagint

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