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December 27, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

"The Rathaus is a huge, half-timbered building; it was built in 1562, and has been meticulously kept up for four and a half centuries. It looks like it belongs to a much bigger town. There are historical reasons for this that I'll go into if anyone is really interested in the complicated history of northern Franconia and western Thuringia..."

Please do.


Yes, please do.

Brad DeLong

Dear Doug--

You might (if you feel like it) mosey on over to http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/007127.html and issue a polite apology for interpreting Patrick Nielsen Hayden's silence as stubbornness rather than overwork. It would, in Mark Twain's words, please some and astonish the rest...


Brad DeLong


Hm, I'm not so sure about that, Brad.

Patrick slapped Doug's face in public and everybody hates him (Doug) now. That's no way to counter an argument. It's more like a pissing contest - I have a bigger audience than you and I can outrage more people on my behalf than you can.

That's a bit childish, no?

Oh, and Dave: I will kiss you if we ever meet in RL. I'm sure your wife won't mind. ;-)

Mike Ralls

For what it's worth, I try very hard to just walk away from internet drama when it appears. It's been my experience that it is just not worth the candle. (http://www.randomhouse.com/wotd/index.pperl?date=19961223) It's a policy that has seemed to serve me well, but to each his own of course.

Bernard Guerrero

Whoa, _thanks_ Brad! I'd missed that completely! And they managed to slag Carlos, too! Lovely. If you'll allow me to paraphrase another icon of Western Lit, seldom have I seen a blog post so full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I'm sure Claudia and Doug appreciate the edification the link brings with it.

Oh, and a word to the wise; if you know him well enough to suggest to him that he apologize for something, you probably know him well enough to _e-mail_ said suggestion.


Bernard: it's cool. It's rude to say that someone is an addict, to outrage or most anything else. And we don't have our e-mail addresses posted on the blog -- a bug of long standing which we're going to fix one of these days, really.

But thank you anyhow, big guy. We do appreciate it.

Doug M.


Bernard, thanks. Jeez Louise, those people are nearly beyond words. (I myself do not have Doug's compunction about calling a junkie a junkie. It's almost as though we're different people!)

Anyway. More history of Thuringia, Franconia, and Saxony please! I know you've been reading Wedgwood, Doug.

Brad DeLong

But Bernard is right. I was lazy (and my email archives are 1500 miles away). I apologize...


Doug, I keep on telling you that we should have our e-mail addresses up. This way, you won't get as many anonymous threats, and I won't get as many questions about Kosovo.


Brad, I'm sorry if my earlier comment was a littel sharp. I didn't intend that to be the case, I just have a hard time when someone calls my husband a twit, in public to boot.

Also, apologies for the missing emails. Yes, one day, when the kids are off to college or in summer camp, I'll have the time to add the emails, I promise.

Meanwhile, thank you Brad for pointing us to Patrick's post. We do read Making Light regularly but our email/Internet habits are very different when in Germany for the holidays.

And thank you for mentioning Doug's post on your journal. That was very nice of you.


Oh, I just can't resist... Doug is a twit. He's cute, too. Allison might still want to marry him, although she is back on Uncle Danny kick.


Happy New Year to all!


A whole story about Ostheim and not ONE MENTION about the hot dog stand in the center of town? How could a MAJOR landmark like that have been missed?


Thanks for sharing the lovely walk!

Instead of roses in snow, we saw a big orange butterfly on Thanksgiving and the last of the violets right before Christmas on the local nature trail.


Thanks for sharing the lovely walk!

Instead of roses in snow, we saw a big orange butterfly on Thanksgiving and the last of the violets right before Christmas on the local nature trail.


Anyone ever mention the "Orange church" joke cult form the 1980s?

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