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November 18, 2005


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Hi, liebe Gre und morgen wird ein besserer Tag :-) Heike


RIP. It served you well. The only thing -- couldn't it have died a couple of weeks ago, when Doug was here? That would've made your getting a new computer somewhat easier.

Mike Ralls

Ouch. I hope you don't lose anything too valuable. I once spilled a glass of water on my computer while working on my thesis and lost a lot of time and effort. Good luck!


James Angove

The data is almost certainly okay; the hard drive is a sealed unit. (Its not a big deal, but in the future, its not a terrible idea to yank the drive as soon as possible after something like that, just in case. I say this as a veteran of three laptops in as many years --Dell's no-questions-asked warrenty is a wonderous thing)


Keyboards are quite resistant. You could have taken the battery out and leave it to dry. After it had dried it might very well function again.

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