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October 27, 2005


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Poor little guy!! First a staph infection where NO ONE wants one, then having to wear a brace? He must really wish he were back in the nice warm womb!!!

I'm glad they found out quickly. Hugs to all!



Yes, the poor little mite. I felt so sorry for him but he's taking it like a trooper and doesn't mind the brace much after a few days. He's a great kid and we love him madly.

Thanks for the nice card, Lorraine! You're so thoughtful and I promise to write to you privately - ah, soon. Really soon. Really. ;-)


And he is very cute too! Allison was quite taken with Jacob and seems to prefer him to his larger and more forceful brothers. After all, he can't put up too much of a fight over toys right now. Just wait, though...

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