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September 10, 2005


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I wouldn't worry. I moved to Canada just before my 8th birthday, from the UK. I think of myself very much as "Canadian", just with an English (ie from England, not referring specfically to language here) slant. I had no more problem fitting in as did any other child who had moved from another school zone, at least not after the first few months. It does take time to learn the local slang, kids games, etc. but kids pick up these things quickly and generally cope fairly well. Does depend on the child.

Syd Webb

I wouldn't worry.

Me neither. My dad had a job much like Doug's. My first memories were the boat going to Britain and the West End of London.

My mum tells me I came back to Australia with a posh accent but it was soon knocked out of me. Today I am quintessentially Antipodean; apart from a slight tendency to use words like 'quintessentially' and 'Antipodean'.

Will Baird

No worries at all, Claudia, that your sons will be too European to ever fit in Yanqistan. My father was the son of an American soldier and German warbride. He didn't speak /any/ english until he was 6. He said he didn't have his first formal english class until he was 12 (but I have a hard time beliving that knowing how schools for children of military personnel work). By the time he was 18 he fit in as well as anyone would or could: he was even on an American football team in HS.

He has some different perspectives than your average Yanqi, but I never realized it until I was out of home for a while. They weren't so glaring as that I noticed compared to other dads...

as I said, no worries.



Hm, I'm not worried. I think it's great that the boys get exposed to more than one culture. It's my mother-in-law who worries, unnecessarily, I believe.

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