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September 21, 2005


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"I'm going to bestow to you the sword of a great conservative warrior,"

I wonder where he would he get one of those? Chang sounds like he'll be pissed when he finds out his swords be stolen.

I'm sure you'll be happy to read this story of virtue and talent rewarded:


"Think Tank"


I really should remember to check for simple grammatical errors before hitting Post. Any more mistakes and I'd only be good for a think tank job.


It's Hillary and Jean Houston all over. Of course, being Republican, it won't get covered.


Ah, the PRI. Yeah, I've already looked into it. What is it about Canadians and tone-deaf acronyms, like the Conservative Reform Alliance Party? I know when I think of PRI, I think of honest non-wasteful conservative/libertarian government. And a pony!

Bruce -- Harper Blue

Ooooooooo-kay.... I was starting to get a little frightened about Jebbie there, until I read the Gainsville Sun article. Thanks for including that link.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go talk to my quarterstaff, Journeyer. Peace be to you.


Heh ... That one was really funny ... Seems you've got something Romanian after all ;))

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