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September 23, 2005


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Further update: Mom is in a gym in Lufkin, TX. She is still working with the evacuees... it's just that, instead of going back to the hotel at night, now she's staying there with them too.

Since she's the oldest person there, someone found her a cot. (As opposed to an air mattress or a sleeping bag on the gym floor.) She's very tired but in good spirits.

The storm should pass over them tomorrow (Saturday).

Doug M.


According to http://www.weather.com/ Rita is now down to a Category 3.

And for what its worth, it's rarely the case that the worker on the ground, of even the most moribund bureaucracy, that isn't pulling her own weight, but rather that she's carrying the weight of that bureacracy, dragging her down. And the bureacrats, themselves, of course...

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