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August 24, 2005


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This made me laugh out loud :-)


Why does anyone pay attention to this moonbat? Dappled Things has a nice looney-tunes retrospective:http://donjim.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_donjim_archive.html#112484344628908782

Bernard Guerrero


Bernard Guerrero

Followup: You linked _Pravda_? They couldn't even spell "unite" correctly in the header, for chrissake.

Francis Burdett

I ain't gonna comment but remind me to not stand next to you during a thunderstorm


There is a saying in Romanian that I would use to describe Robertson
"Great is the garden of God and lots has jumped the fence…"
This guy is 80, calls himself a Christian, but during all this time (!), he actually never understood what Christianity is all about. The sad part is that’s not only him.

Syd Webb

Why does anyone pay attention to this moonbat?

Indeed. The tolerance of the USA can be contrasted with the Orwellian UK where it is proposed to deport extremist clerics who advocate assassinations.

As Peter Costello has recently opined, "If the world is to have a hegemon, the modern United States is the kind of hegemon we would like to have: democratic, respectful of human rights, with strong and genuine belief in individual liberty."

Of course this respect and belief is primarily for the benefit of American citizens. Foreign tourists should heed Charles Stross' advisory or check with their travel agent before flying.


Frankie, I don't think David Letterman controls the weather. And if Pat (who can leg-press 2000 pounds, by the way) hasn't been Deus Irae'd yet, I figure I am pretty far down the list.

Bernard, of course I linked to Pravda for this story.


Well, I haven't read Pravda in a long time...I was surprised by the link also. But I stuck around there for a while and had some fun reading...so I'll say thank you to Carlos.

Best Wishes,


Bernard Guerrero

How the hell did you find that second one? You didn't actually Google "Pat Robertson leg-press", did you?

Raoul Djukanovic

I love the irony-free age-defying shake. I'm amazed he can keep his wobbly pins in place, never mind propel a ton towards the heavens. It's a miracle, I tell you. Where do I post my bank details?

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