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July 22, 2005


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You know, there are worse demonstrations of the Caligula principle.


Oh, Carlos.

My husband calls me "easily amused" but I swear the Caligula link was the first one that made me laugh uncontrollably today (now Doug complains that I don't find him amusing...).


They are nice boots, aren't they?

Joseph Eros

Thanks for the link to the Korean posters about the Tok-do dispute. It was a real blast from the past for me (I lived in Korea in 1997-98). There was a brief flap about the contested islands while I was there, but some of the images in the link are definitely harsher than anything I saw back then. Hopefully this too will blow over soon enough.

Mike Ralls

Well if random linkage is the order of the day, I'd like to through out this music video made by a bunch of bord Norwegians in Kosovo.


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