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July 31, 2005


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David Allen

Well, I bit.

Having five minutes, I did a quick Google image search and managed to identify one of your alter egos. But that was all. (The Linux was a clue.)

Since you raise the question, *is* there a picture of you out there?


David Allen


The only difference between that apartment and your old one is that one is bigger.

And *I* have a photo of you on the computer, just waiting...


David Allen, if you let your mouse arrow float over the pictures, you'll get the names behind the photographs.

("Garvis" was a 1970s Swedish pop band. A dark time for that nation. The messy lab photo was taken from a Nature editorial.)

Bernard Guerrero

2 hits, eh? Not bad. I trust you weren't the fellow the Area Man was moaning about, and that you can, in fact, take part in a high-five without harming yourself and can correctly identify a rotator-cuff.

Good Christ, though, you need to run the rest of them around the block a few of times...

David Allen

After Yu-Gi-Oh, Carlos the Jackel, and the other Carlos Yu, I thought that all of these people were the results of a properly tweaked search for "Carlos Yu", and the point was to find the connection.

Guess not.


David Allen


The animal mask is what you get if you search for Coyu. The others, well, my voice really does sound like James Woods (but much deeper), and according to reliable witnesses my passport photo really does look like Meat Loaf. Garvis is my Friendster photo, deployed as not to raise any dating expectations too high.

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