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July 19, 2005


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Shelving, sorting, selling, mailing.

I found on the street a page of Euripides and a copy of Martin Luther's treatises (which doesn't include On the Lying Cheating Hurting Hordes of Peasants or Jews: Threat or Menace?, dammit).

I love this town.


I'm so glad to find your blog. I'll be visiting Bucharest for the first time from the US in just a few weeks.


Thanks for the link: It's a high tech version of the hostelling-books meme, in which the reader would leave a paperbook with his (or her) name inside and a note to "pass it on."


I saw lots of folks doing this at the last few WorldCons, leaving books on counters in the ladies' lounge, on tables beside chairs in hotels, etc. They seemed pretty excited about it, too.


I've done it. Left three so far, and found one (not intended!). Apparently there are a lot around here in Ottawa too.

I think it's a neat concept, and would be great if it caught on more!

John Montague

Hmph. Another nail in the coffin of the independent publisher. :)

Were it not for vested interest, I would love the idea of course.


I realize this is a very ld entry, but I'm just catching up. Glad to know there are actually some people in Romania that have heard of Bookcrossing and liked the idea :)

There are 2 of my books in the wild somewhere in Bucharest... (not journaled yet, actually, I've seen people pick them up). Most books don't get journaled, like you guessed, but (at least on the website) there are more productive ways of sharing your books: trading, loaning, giving as presents. It rocks.

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