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July 25, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

Please do go on.

Andy H

Have you ever had the chance to visit Sighet prison Doug? It's a museum nowadays - and a very fine one at that. It has a website at http://www.memorialsighet.ro

Definitely worth a visit if you're ever up in Maramures.



Indeed, from what I read in Florin Constantiniu, Maniu was as you described him. I don't know if the entire 30's are to be described as "dark", certainly Romania enjoyed democracy, an enlarged territory and got over the early 30's economic crisis. Consequently, even during WWII many people remained ignorant of the political changes that were to come.

Also, the point is made in the book I read, that the return of Carol II was undesirable to Maniu not just because of Carol's ethical issues, but because it signified the end of liberal democracy and the restauration of authoritative monarchy. Maniu was truly a democrat, and often criticized any attempt to limit civic liberties.

Martin Wisse


I first read about Maniu in Misha Glenny's book on the Balkans; that whole book is not the most uplifting work ever written...


douglas, u really surprise me... in a pleasant way.

study the history of romania over a stretched period, and you will have plenty to read and wonder.
I can't describe it better than being quite a rough, agitated and intense history. Well,sometimes, being in a geostrategic position, this doesn't offer you only advantages. In the middle ages and beyond,the romanian prinicipates were quite at the crossroads of the religoius, cultural and economic wars (otoman invasion, etc.). Maybe that's why there are many multicultural particularities around the country...

You won't get bored by our history.


Great info, thanks. Been visiting your pages frequently and found alot of great tips. Keep up the great work!

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