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July 09, 2005


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Sending hugs and pats in your direction. And some very quiet "eeeuuuwws". Hope all of you feel better soon.


Not trying to one-up your barf here, but sharing just to establish bona fide commiseration ... and riffing on the dangers of "hugs and pats".

The MicroPouncer, not quite aged five, recently woke in dead of night crying. So, in natural Daddy reaction, I scooped him up with one arm under his butt to support the weight and the other patting his back soothingly, while nestling his chin in the hollow where my shoulders meet my neck ...

The sudden change of altitude and the "burping" effects combined rather explosively upon a small curved target site -- have you ever played with water streaming from the faucet into the bowl of a spoon and watched the vertical fluid flow become a horizontal fluid sheet?

Like that.


I make soothing NOISES in your general direction and offer you a handy bucket while I pat you very gingerly on the top of the head ...


I have to say that Doug's post was about love, after all. The revulsion he feels about vomit is real, yet he does clean it up so that I don't have to do it.

Did you have those cheesy stickers in the 70s that said "Love is..." and then something even cheesier?


I *still* send hugs and pats long distance, no matter what Pouncer says. Just dole them out judiciously.

Bernard Guerrero

Easy for _you_ to say! Long distance hugs! Hah!


Whot the Pouncer said. And, you know? there is something more truly deeply and completely revolting than the various and sundry vomitings your children have shared with you. And God willing, you'll never know what I'm talking about.

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