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June 27, 2005


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Dennis Brennan

You want unnerving? Here's something unnerving. I am having occasion to research some of the laws and regulations that relate to the transport of liquid natural gas. Such as the ships that, about three times a week, pass through Boston Harbor, between downtown Boston and Logan Airport, over two highway tunnels and under the U.S. 1 bridge.

'Nuff said about that, in case the bad guys read this.

Charlie Stross

Dennis, if the Bad Guys (TM) are reading the web in order to come up with ideas for how to hurt us, we've won. Such is the quality of most discussions of terror tactics on the internets. Flipside of coin: they're not likely to be that stupid.

I guess I'd be more worried about what Coyu is hinting about. Namely how to smuggle several tons of high explosives up against a skyscraper in NYC ... with a police escort.


Well, we do have a wide readership.

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