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May 13, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

"His ultimate weapon is the tantrum. He throws himself on the ground - actually, he carefully lowers himself to the ground - and lies on his back, screaming."

Heh. Katerina's just starting to develop her technique. Her scream is already positively blood-curdling, though. She actually manages to get herself in such a state that the sound simply will not come out. She sits there, nearly mute, her tiny fists shaking, a perfect little apotheosis of baby-rage.

"sigur" = "sure"?

Mike Ralls

Heh, I love that instead of throwing himself on the ground he carefully lowers himself on the ground. You've got a smart kid there. ;)

Best wishes,


Ahhh the tantrum! We get those on this side of the Atlantic. Allison squats down, then lies down on the ground which is where the admonishments and non-compliance of whatever horrible request was made of her begin. "no mommy, no going to restaurant" or "no daddy, no putting on my shoes..."

"Allison, get up and put on your shoes" I say. NO!, says a little voice from the earth's surface. Moving a little closer, "Allison, daddy said put on your shoes NOW." A tiny hand comes out from underneath the rainbow striped shirt and hot pink pants (Yes, it somehow is Natalie's kid) and SLAPS DADDY'S LEG. "NO, no shoes!"

I now have no choice in the matter but to employ the "nuclear option" (a term for those of you following current U.S. politics).

I pick up the "stalled" child from the floor who is now screaming at the top of her lungs. She has turned beet red, is crying, and is kicking the air for all she's worth. She is also vehemently protesting her eviction from the floor and is letting me know it in no uncertain terms.

The punishment for my 2 1/2 year old? The most diabolical of all tortures known. THE CORNER!!!!!!

We stand her in any random corner of the house, tell her why she is there, and remind her that this behavior will not be tolerated and will only be met by the same punishment again, if it is repeated. The punishment usually lasts no more than 30-shriek-filled-seconds and almost always culminates with her wanting to be comforted by THE OTHER PARENT. We then encourage her to apologise to the person she hit and to hug and make up. This almost always works, and 9 times out of 10 she will then comply with the original request, and harmony is restored!

Every once in a while however, we have that 1 time where we believe, Satan herself has returned to Maryland!


To be honest, there is something even more annoying than the tantrums... There she is having a tantrum, and I say to her "Allison, do you want to go to the corner?" Sometimes she says "YES!" What the heck do I do then? I put her in the corner and wonder if she is secretly enjoying it or secretly laughing up her sleeve at my confusion.

Bernard Guerrero

"Sometimes she says "YES!" What the heck do I do then?"

Be happy! Whenever Alexandra gets this funny, introspective look on her face and then decides to take the punishment instead of knuckling under, I (secretly) rejoice. Cost/benefit analysis and a willingness to stand up for herself, and all before age 5.

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