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May 11, 2005


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Test test test

You're baby is getting REAL big :-)



He has a habit of sitting on the back of that chair, with his feet stuck through the retainer bar to hold him up. (Basically, the posture he's in here, except shifted six inches up and back.)

This looks very casual and relaxed, and also TERRIFYING AS HELL since he could easily just fall over backwards and BREAK HIS FRAGILE LITTLE HEAD OPEN.

Sorry. Yes, he is getting on, isn't he?

Doug M.


Presented without comment.


Ugh, Carlos!

The poor mite.

I'm glad it wasn't a story about a baby cracking his head open, though.


We berate you, Carlos.

Aren't you an endomorph flayed down to a mesophenotype, yourself?

Doug M.


I'm not quite sure what my 'natural' morph type would be. (Actually, I think it's probably ecto/meso. What happens is, I treat my body like crap, and when it rebels, I punish it with exercise. It's the abusive relationship solution to the mind/body problem.)

The broad shoulders and wide chest, both sides of the family have that. We're a stocky bunch. But it's supposed to go with 5 to 10 cm more height, if my uncles are any guide, and either a lifestyle of baling hay or hauling in nets. I'm what happens when the short members of tall families procreate.

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