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April 18, 2005


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Ah, good that he knows how to do it safely!

I always assumed that babies just *stayed* in their cribs. Hah. Kipper and Alec both climbed up and over WAY before I was ready and before they could do it without bashing selves. The first time Kipper did it, he was around a year old. I was sleeping nice and soundly, but I must have become aware of his breathing noises. I remember opening my eyes to have *other* and unexpected eyes directly above mine and could hear panting noises; I screamed, then he screamed. Poor thing. I scared *him* to death! But who expects THAT in the middle of the night?

Of course, after that, it was expected. We tried pillows around the crib for a few weeks and then just gave up and put the mattress on the floor!

Good luck with your wanderer!

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