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April 13, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

Kind of poignant. I sympathize.

Michael M.

This was a wonderful post, Claudia, thank you. I have a daughter in a somewhat similar situation (slightly younger, at 17 months) but also exposed to a mix of languages: English and Slovene regularly, with occasional dashes of German and Serbian. Like David, she uses "wau wau" for dog, "heiss" for hot, and most frequently: "up" for pick me up. (She also says "Down" sometimes to mean "pick me up" or "put me down.")

It's very interesting that she already favors certain words in a language over others. Or that she sometimes prefers her own creations over everything else. For example, no matter how often we say "frog" or "frosch" or "˛aba" she invariably calls it "beet-beet." (I think it comes from "ribbit") It's really fascinating watching her vocabulary develop, and it's great to get a kind of preview of what's to come from you.

It's too bad we can't arrange a play date for the two of them. I'd love to see what kind of lignusitic masterpieces would come out of it...

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