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March 08, 2005


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Michael M.

It's awful to see such absolute laziness and lack of talent celebrated to such an extreme. It's like playing baseball by firing every ball out of a cannon and calling it a home run. Or rigging jet ski races so that you're guaranteed to win.

By the way, something tells me Ceauescu would have really loved this if he were still alive. He could've avoided going outdoors altogether.

Bernard Guerrero

A crummy waste, but not that different from "hunting" as traditionally practiced at aristocratic gatherings in the country, was it? Which, I suppose, was the point.

Joseph Eros

On your "hunting accident" comment, there was a French comic book a while back which featured an East Block political assassination contrived as part of a bear hunt. IIRC, the title was something like "The Hunting Party." But it took place in the USSR.


ceausescu was vermin: he butchered not only Romania's wildlife, but the Romanian people as well, their culture and traditions; he ruthlessly and mindlessly trampled on their dignity. Such a shame he was allowed to last for so long !!!

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