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March 21, 2005


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Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

I am throughly amused.


You commented on roads in Sibiu county being better than in other counties. That's true, because Sibiu is indeed a richer county than the surrounding ones. It is currently a hotspot for foreign investment, has a higher GDP per capita than the national average and has one of the more competent county governments. It is also gearing up to be European City of Culture in 2007. The change is especially good when you compare it to the terrible roads in Hunedoara county ;)


Mihai, the local economy has nothing to do with the quality of the roads of a county. The roads are supported by the county council "prefectura", with money from the national budget.

However, the roads inside the cities are supported by the town hall "primria", which is indeed financed largely from local taxes.

Bernard Guerrero

What do the laws on foreign ownership of real property look like in Romania?


Bernard: Currently, a person who is not a Romanian citizen may not buy real estate property in Romania. Only starting 2014, Romania would allow foreign land-ownership.

However, one may create here a company and the company being registered as a Romanian entity is allowed to buy -- this is usually the easiest way to circumvent this law.

Also, it is quite common for a foreigner to create a contract with a Romanian seller, which says that all the property usage rights are transfered, but the property remains "officially" owned by the Romanian person and that the full rights shall be transfered in the moment when in Romania this would be legal, in 2014.

Romanians are a bit circumspect about allowing foreign ownership of land, probably in part because of some unpleasant historical events.

Bernard Guerrero

So what's a good Romanian lawyer cost? And the filing fee, of course. :^)

Andrew Reeves

It's as though Jay and Silent Bob work in a Romanian service station, but Jay is the boss.


I admire your strength to live in a place so far from your original home and live among such diverse peoples. I am speaking about both locals and expats as well. You should give us pointers on how to be so strong.

I had a freaky experience. My computer has a busted dvd drive. I called tech support. The tech person was from India. I am from USA. Once he found out I am an artist he started asking too many questions! I got scared that since this person handled my account, and he seemed to want to visit America, things could get scary. I am a struggling artist who is flat broke. Basically this person thought I am a millionaire...I regret giving him my email.( i thought it was required) :(


Wonderful! It's another one of those posts which leaves me "50-50" with regard to moving from my native country (Ireland) to Romania. I have heard so many conflicting reports on what life is like for foreigners in Romania that my resolve is constantly wavering! But maybe life in Bucharest is easier? Anyway, I'm certainly looking for a challenge :-)



i've spent some time in tirgu mures/marosvaharsely and bucharest. as an american expat in buenos aires for some time now, i would jump at the chance to live and work in romania.

beautiful country, and more importantly, incredibly warm people. i almost felt like it was too good to be true, the hospitality...and the tuica!

use diligence in regards to ripoffs and shenanigans and you'll be fine. i hope that helps mark.


Dearest Mark:

Why would this story leave you feeling 50-50ish toward Romania? It's a wonderful story with nothing bad in it except some interesting people in Arad...and they weren't bad, just interesting.

God knows I've met my share of interesting characters Ireland, (Ahh yes, the Mad Woman of Salt Hill & Old and Ancient and yet not Broken Women Complaining to me about the Black & Tan, 80 years after the fact...these are actually different stories...oh well, there's neither the time nor space here for all my Ireland stories).

There are Really great thing about Romania...and there are bad things, (the winter). What's unusual about that? It is thus in all countries.

Still, I do miss the Viking towers in Wexford and the Temple Bar section of Dublin.

But get yourself to Romania...it's cool.

Best Wishes,


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