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February 24, 2005


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Ahhhhhh...Sweet maybe, but good nonetheless.

Claudia, really, everything you write is substantial and valuable. People like reading you, I love reading you, what and how you write are the signature essences of who Claudia is.

You shine through in what you write. Great wife, Good mother, Smart woman. These are not entirely bad things to be accused of.

(Yes, I know I ended the sentence with a preposition, but what I really gave some thought to was the Adjective placement..."Good," Wife, "Great," Mother, "Smart," woman, ect and visa versa, each word being able to replace the other, and also in their ordering. In the end I liked the way I initially wrote it.)

Best Wishes,


Laura Gallagher

Oh, Claudia, that picture is just so adorable. What a sweet little girl, I love the solemn look on her face. Hugs to the kids.


How cute. Can I see the other one, pleasepleaseplease?

The future MIL


That is a *totally* cute picture! And, like Natalie, I'd love to see the blackmail-worthy shot, too! Lovely pictures of your children are *never* treacly sweet :)


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