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January 18, 2005


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Raoul Djukanovic

thanks for the update, doug. sounds about right. i'm reminded of an old election poster which used to grace my belgrade toilet, featuring vuk's come-hither gaze above the slogan "zna put". quite where he knows the way to was never too clear to me. still, it was marginally less alarming than kostunica's kajmak-laden jowls declaring "zna srbija", which i always wanted to deface by adding a big "sta" in front of his little catchphrase.


-- Ooh. You had a "zna put" poster? Those were the coolest. I mean, in an incredibly dopey, annoying, can anyone really think we're this stupid, kind of way.

I didn't see it as a come-hither glance. More a... really intense gaze, suggestive of Vuk's mystical insight and indomitable will.

The photo for that was something like 15 years old, too. Honestly. How old school Commie was that. Like when Tito was slowly rotting to death, nearly ninety, and his birthday posters were still pink-cheeked airbrushed studly silverback Tito from like 1956.

Djindic at least cleaned up well, y'know? Rest his soul. You could imagine that, if he went clubbing, he wouldn't go home alone. Whereas Kostunica would be his wingman, and would end up getting rolled by the crooked bouncer at 4 am after drowning his lonely failure to score in one pivo/slivo too many. Vuk... ah, no, I'm just not coing there. No no no.

I miss Serbia sometimes, yes.

Doug M.

Raoul Djukanovic

ah, perhaps my reading of the old man was born of not knowing where to look while i held my own. his gaze seemed to follow me around the bathroom.

i miss serbia sometimes too, in a 4 am kind of way. although maybe i shouldn't - that's how i wound up with vuk on my wall...

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