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January 04, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

Very interesting. Thanks, Claudia.

Tony Zbaraschuk

A very interesting article. A lot of it seemed more process-focused than content-oriented (e.g., the discussion of the International Criminal Court didn't really go into the question of "will this actually, reliably, bring more people to justice"), though.


"If we agree, as we should, that the United Nations, while far from perfect, have served us well for five decades,"

I think I'd like to hear more support for that premise...

" then both sides of the Atlantic should embrace efforts to reform the UN system. "

Oh, I agree with THAT. Let's agree that the EU, like the US, needn't bother to send separate representatives for Belgium, Holland, Portugal, etc etc to the UN General Assembly -- no more than should the US send separate ambassadors from Utah, Ohio, and Alabama. A single "EU" representative is sufficient. Too, it is terribly unbalanced to have both France and Britain exercising veto power on behalf of the EU in the UN Security Council -- while Germany has no such power at all. Perhaps a single "EU" slot on the Security Council would be better -- while India should take over the British role?

I think reforming the UN is an idea that affords a great deal of scope for the imagination. But frankly I find it unlikely that the US and EU can begin with common interests and objectives in doing so.

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