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January 16, 2005


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Dear Doug:

Gads, but don't I love these little vignette's out of a life being lived...it is almost as though I was there.

This was really a fine write-up, you and the Matrix and the kids and Claudia on rollerblades, all together....just the way real life happens.




A fine write-up indeed. I especially loved the Matrix evocations and the grand finale with the cat meowing at the door and then getting to sleep with all of you.

Oh, and one really indecent question springs to my mind: how old are you, Doug? Reason for asking: jumping on trampolines and trying to do it Matrix style... :-)


Your post did bring back memories. Not that we have any desire to go to the park in this bitter Massachusetts cold, but our giglet did enjoy the fabulously ambitious parks of Budapest, and the children of Belgrade and Zagreb don't get away half badly either. I think the whole fantastic children's park thing is a decent response to brain drain.


Traveller -- on my next birthday, my age will be a prime number. Claudia's age is twice a prime number. The difference between our ages is also a prime number.

Eric, we liked the parks of Belgrade too. For /kids/ parks, Belgrade is better, although for parks overall Bucharest is far ahead. Lots of rollerbladers here.

Doug M.


You know, number theory epitaphs are an ancient genre of story problem.


Actually it was me who asked about your age. And although I'm a so called programmer (or web scripter, or whatever I am) I really suck at maths. :)

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