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January 23, 2005


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Incidentally, that is the most demure, work-safe photo of Severina I could find.


If there is going to be prehistory of ju-estrada, then I have to lobby for at least a mention of Djordje Marjanovic, who was just possibly the first genuine Balkan superstar.

freddy folger

i would like to see an article about cool places to see and cool things to do in bucharest. your posts are excellent! your writing is better than hemingway!


It was the winter of the coming of the expats to Bucharest. It was cold and wet. The winter was cold and wet and the expats knew they should not show fear. In Bali it was warm and sunny and they served tropical drinks at the bar with the one-armed Australian who told dirty jokes. "Obscenity obscenity, right, mate?" he said.

No, not better than Hemingway.

Charlie Stross

Okay, so what's wrong with Laibach, hmm?


There's nothing wrong with Laibach. They're Slovenia's DEVO. (Almost exactly; the early DEVO manifestos parallel NSK's.)

On the other hand, they don't make my heart go pitter-pat the way certain former-YU pop divas do.

Bruce Sterling knows. Though Severina really is more my type.

Bernard Guerrero

"No, not better than Hemingway."

Like that's tough...


Do not forget, before Severina and Ceca, we had Lepa Brena. And I agree with Eric, Djordje deserves to be mentioned!

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