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January 04, 2005


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Bernard Guerrero

"More yoga is better than no yoga."

So says the wife.

And as far as what the admin may miss, I'd say that the past 4 years have confirmed me in my belief that a small mountain range is better than no mountain range. Get thee north-west, young man!

Bernard, in Proud Guerrero Pose

Syd Webb

my Reggie White jersey is now a holy relic

I heard about Reggie White's passing on rec.sport.cricket

The tenor of the conversation by participants was that one man's end would evoke a minute's silence when contemporaneous test matches were observing silences for larger and more anonymous groups.

ISTM that any man's death diminishes me and marking Reggie's death is as important as anyone else's. I only wonder what would have happened had Sir Donald Bradman been able to hang on until Boxing Day 2004.

More yoga is better than no yoga

True, unless one believes that yoga can lead to syncretism and paganism. Of course, the same argument could be laid against Tai Chi, which is ridiculous.


Reggie White was a great man whose judgment was sometimes clouded by the exuberant confidence his faith gave him. [1]

He also was an extremely talented football player.

I miss him already.


[1] I remember his performance on the game show Jeopardy. He'd hit the buzzer very quickly for questions from "The Bible" category (White was an ordained minister), freeze when Alex Trebek would read it, say the first darn thing that came into his head, realize he had made a mistake, and get exactly the same hangdog expression he got in those rare cases he missed his play assignment. It didn't stop him, though.

Dennis Brennan

We Iggles fans miss Reggie too.


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