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January 19, 2005


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Scott Raun

OK, you might be a perfect candidate for a vacation timeshare. Get a two or three bedroom condo in Orlando for one or two weeks, and everyone will (probably) enthusiastically come visit you!

2 Bedrooms for 1 week was running about $18,000 when we were doing our catch-and-release timeshare sales pitchs last week. IIRC, around $4000 down, and about $150/month for seven years. (At something like 15% - fortunately, they're all No Prepayment Penalty - go and get financing somewhere at a better rate and just pay off the balance.) I'd bet the three bedrooms are not $27,000, but something less.

And if you'd like, you can trade the weeks for time elsewhere - something like 2000 different resorts world-wide. So you could trade Orlando time for European time and get the (IIRC) German relatives to join you at some posh resort there.

A New York City Math Teacher

Uh, maybe it was the weekend at a friend's timeshare cottage at the Tamiment shudder (oh, look! The Tamiment still exists!) - but I have never been fond of the idea of the timeshare. It's expensive, but not too expensive, up front for a permanent investment in a highly illiquid form of vacation property. So, I guess, what is the net present value of, I dunno, ten annual vacations at the slightly funky smelling house (and they are *all* slightly funky smelling) in lot A5 off in Pine Tree Reservation?

I picked ten because I figure ten summers to the same place, along with the hassle of rescheduling or swapping four or five times either for another timeshare in a posh European destination or for another week at fabulous A5 in June instead of August would be ten summers enough.

Do you know how hard it is to *sell* a timeshare?

But what do I know? Maybe I'm spoiled because of the beachhouse?



Dearest Claudia:

I know that you may not see it this way...but this was "Fearless Writing," both xpat posts, and fearless writing should never go unappreciated.

Nice stuff...thanks

Gotta run, but Best wishes,


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