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November 01, 2004


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Michael M.

I have two questions, if I may:

1) How big was this wrapper? (Bigger than a breadbasket?) Seems like a lot of info for one wrapper.

2) Was the difference between Croatian and Serbian simply that the latter was written in Cyrillic?


When Doug brings the wrapper home from work, I'll take a picture. It's not that big -- about the size of an open hand.


"On the other hand, Catalonia is now an independent country now, apparently."

That would make Stephen Maturin very happy! :)


"look, we're parents with two small children, okay? Happy Meals are a part of our life now, and probably will be for a while to come."

Ah, yes. The Golden Arches of Nutrition. They saved our lives many a time (g).

The toys can be a little tricky sometimes. Once (the boys were probably 6 and 3), we went to TGAN for some fine McCalories, only to discover to our *horror* that they were OUT of the promised Hot Wheels toys. But they did have Barbie dolls.

Occasionally, I can be quick on my feet; fortunately, this was one of those times. Kipper and Alec were VASTLY disappointed in the unexpected turn of events, so...I put on my best spin control hat and announced that these were *special* Barbie dolls: they were *Klingon* Barbies from the Home World.

Well, THAT was a doll of a different color! The Klingon Barbies had many hours of fun battling the Star Trek Next Generation action figures. Those dolls could really kick b*tt. I, personally, saw Captain Picard lose in a fight with one of the plastic Klingon hotties!

I'm sure there must be some kind of Barbie handbook somewhere and I'm equally convinced that nowhere in it will appear the probability that Barbie is really an alien being. :)


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