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October 19, 2004


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I quote "Why is this blog called "Halfway down the Danube" when we are writing from Bucharest -- which is not on the Danube and if so, then rather close to its end?"

Is this the reason why you also call it "Our exciting life in the Balkans"?

Doug Muir

I started to respond, "because Romania is part of the Balkans".

However, I have noticed that some people get upset when I say that.

So, the answer is "because we think that Romania is part of the Balkans". Hey, maybe we're wrong.

Doug M.


After seven years together, you still make me laugh. A good sign, eh? I'm glad I married you, those three years ago today.

Happy anniversary, love.



If "balkanization" is this,
http://www.countrywatch.com/@school/balkanization.htm ,
how does that apply to Romania?
Or does it have to do with the ottoman "heritage" found all over the region? I'm just curious to see what westerners mean by that.


Hey ya'll

Whares Romeania at? I done looked in my Farmers Almanac and the best I kin reckon, its ware the pope lives!

Places this American would like tuh visit in Yourup:
1. Angland
2. Cherkerslovakia
3. Pennsylvania
4. Italian Somaliland


First let me congratulate you on the great blog! Me and my wife have been hypnotized by it for a few nights now. Thank you for doing this!

I don't have much thrust in Kostunica and his ability to pick the right people - just consider the i-give-you-my-party-you-give-me-minister's-chair trade-off with Mr. Vuksanovic that ended up last in the race for Belgrade's mayor. But I have to admit that Mr. Parivodic may as well be an exception to the rule.


Balkans or not - I'am interested in reading more about Serbia, because for various reasons it's sometimes difficult to ask my Serbian friends certain things.



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great job guys ! Greetings from Greece ! We LUV Romania !


Could you please send me its e-mail address.
I would like to wish him happy new year.
By the way, he would perhaps discover that we promote Serbia abroad and attract more foreign investment than its ministry.
Many thanks.


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