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January 31, 2010


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Dennis Brennan

What little I know about the T-U war was its brief mention in David Lamb's "The Africans", which I read maybe 20 years ago. If memory serves, Tanzania's air force (such as it was, I guess) bombed Rwanda by mistake.

Randy McDonald

The Libyan expeditionary force turns out to have been singualrly feckless, losing to the Tanzanians despite their overwhelming technological superiority, but then, that's pretty much what the Libyans have done in battle.

Question, Doug: What about the East African Community? Does it feature at all on your trip?


Hello Doug! This is an older blog post, but I am grasping at straws, and hope you might be able to shed some light. I am writing a piece set in Kampala in August 1979. I was actually there, traveled in and out within a week from Kenya, to attend a funeral. There were soldiers and road blocks everywhere, of this I'm sure. What I cannot remember, and cannot seem to verify, is whether these were Uganda or remnant Tanzania Army soldiers. Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance!

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