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February 25, 2009


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Bernard Guerrero

"Ash Wednesday is the one Catholic holiday I take sort of seriously"

Why that one and not the others?

Mike Ralls

If you think Philipinos are interested in Obama, Indonesians are obbssed with him.

The following acuratly represents the start of around 85% of the conversations I had in Bali;

"So where are you from?"


"Oh, America . . . . OBAMA!" (BIG SMILES and/or thumbs up.)

Doug M.

Okay, this post is being frequented by a crank named "Raivo Pommer". Raivo keeps posting badly written articles in German, over and over again, to a few dozen selected blogs:


He seems to be posting by hand, which means spam-traps do nothing.

However, turning comments off will -- and, "Raivo", that's what I'm going to do if you keep this up.

So, please, cut it out. Thank you.

Doug M.

Jussi Jalonen

I've wondered if he's the same "Raivo Pommer" whose name is mentioned on the page five of the minutes of the School Board of the municipality of Enontekiö, July 4th, 2006.


Raivo Pommer was one of the four people who applied for the position as a teacher of Finnish, Swedish, English and German languages at the Kilpisjärvi school. As the school board noted, "all the applicants were formally incompetent".

For those who don't know the location of Enontekiö and Kilpisjärvi and who don't have a map at hand, I'll give some handy keywords: Aurora Borealis, reindeers, Norwegian border, 69th parallel north.

I don't know why a person who is, judging by his name, an Estonian would apply for a work that far up north, but hey, it would certainly fit the profile.


J. J.

Doug M.

Well, whoever he is, he's dumb enough to keep coming back.

Comments here are closed, folks. I'll post something fresh in a bit.

Doug M.

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