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November 27, 2008


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We have a very similar system here in Hamilton, Ontario. One of the only ones in Canada that I know of. And since we moved here a year ago (from "green" Vancouver, which has a rather primitive garbage/recycling system, however), we have found exactly the same thing: we generate an insignificant amount of actual garbage, and it's really not much more difficult to do than with the regular garbage collection. Alas, we are about to move to CT, where such things are nonexistent, and I'm already half despairing over it. I guess it really grows on you ;)

Bernard Guerrero

Doesn't sound that different from DFW, actually. Less sorting on our part, the plastic, metal & glass all go into one bin. But the city own the standardized cans and we compost what would go into the "brown" can. Single monthly fee, etc.

Pain in the neck when we moved, though. They won't take overflowing cans, and the jerks we bought the place from left 'em most of the way full, so getting rid of the mass of boxes ended up requiring Craigslist & Frrecycle.

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