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April 18, 2008


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Will Baird

last blog posts?


what's going on, Carlos?


[shrug] I haven't been enjoying it for a long time. I don't like the form, and I don't like having to fake being polite all the time. Blogging gives me the illusion of having done something constructive, but I have other things to do. And if I'm reaching the audience I'd originally hoped for, it's been remarkably silent.

Will Baird


Understood. If my mischief project[1] takes off then I'll probably be doing the same thing.

Keep in touch via email if you care to. I have always valued your thoughts and ideas.

Good luck with what you do, Carlos.

1. If you happen to know of someone with a surfeit of cash, by all means direct them to me. I've already picked up sponsorship from Wind River and Ansoft, but both are still having me go through more motions for more than goodie bags and Canon and another ubercompany are so large it will take a loooong time before I reach a 'yea' from them. I have an April 30th deadline racing at me...(o.0)

Mike Ralls

Good luck in your future endeavors.

Noel Maurer

Also understood, although I hope you keep posting de vez en cuando. Or more, as the case may be. After all, you were the one who told me that comments were not a good measure of audience.

In addition, there is a substantial demand for long posts. I know that you have essays in mind, and there is nothing that prevents drafts posted here from being published elsewhere later. Frex, parts of our current project.

More selfishly, if you leave we lose half our audience, and I'd have to regale Doug to move his AFOE postings over here. Which I doubt he'd do. So I certainly hope that you don't give it up completely.

Dennis Brennan

Dude- your writings here are usually fun to read (when they're up my alley) or at least interesting and informative (when they're up an alley that isn't on my map). If they haven't been fun to write, then that's a shame, but life's too short &c. If you'd rather spend your time writing where you'll be _paid_ for it (and I don't doubt that you could), then let us know.

Dennis Brennan



James Bodi

I'll be sorry to lose your posts. But I can appreciate the 'not getting return on effort' aspect. What happened to the post-shwi closed message board idea? I'd love to discuss books I've read but the thought of doing a review blog of my own leaves me cold.

The venue sounds great and I'll go with the mob on dates. Won't be downtown until probably 8 or so on Thursday though.


I second the sentiments expressed above.

Noel Maurer

Sadly, I won't be able to make it down to New York this weekend.

Chicken bus ... next weekend I've got to be in Philly, so no point in your heading north. Weekend after is good, although I might have to head south for other reasons. Let's talk this evening or manana.

Colin Alberts

That's disappointing, Carlos, I'll miss your posts. But I hope other things are a bigger attraction and more exciting for you. Shoot me an e-mail, let me know the best way of reaching you these days. I'll buy you a cognac, or two, next time I'm up to NYC, if you'll let me.


Six-thirty it is. Sorry you can't make it Noel.

Will Baird


Some day I wanna be able to attend one of these.

Robert P.

FWIW, I consider this place to be the sanest spot in all of Blogistan. I don't comment here much, but I don't comment much at all anywhere these days - my 15 minutes have been over for at least 10 years. But dammit, I love this blog.


"I consider this place to be the sanest spot in all of Blogistan."

The most damning indictment of the Internet ever! and perhaps the world, too.

Seriously, I wish I could say I'll miss doing it. Still, the net sanity of the blog should go up.

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