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March 30, 2008


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James Bodi

One of them will be re Chelsea bar crawlers' cocaine usage?

My other thought is that the Devil looks an awful lot like Phantom Limb from the Venture Brothers.

Btw, I'm in NYC at the end of April shilling for my firm. I believe I owe you beer for reading "Collapse"; would be happy to buy rounds for Noel, David and any other former shwinians as well.

Noel Maurer

Carlos: very cool.

James: What dates exactly? I may be in town.

James Bodi

Noel, I'm arriving on the 17th and departing the 24th in the afternoon. Thursday the 17th, Friday and Saturday are free. Sunday evening through Wednesday afternoon are booked, but Wednesday evening may be free.

Dennis Brennan


A friggin 37?

At least he had the good sense to drink Yuengling while he was here.

The New York City Math Teacher


Friday the 17 would be best in this case. I'd be limited to potato vodkas or Manischewitz...


... you know, for a guy who likes spending his evenings with a good book, I sure do end up in some louche places sometimes. It's like that George C. Scott movie.

I'll be around, and the Methodists haven't reclaimed Pesach yet. The new e-mail is the Gmail address you'd guess from my name.

I was a little shocked at how lousy a bowler Obama is. I wonder how hard it is for him to not be competitive?


Sorry about the bad timing ... blame the firm!

Carlos, I'm up in Toronto now but will try to email you this week.

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