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December 11, 2007


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Brad Holden

He is a better Steve Perry than Steve Perry. That guys is amazing.


I love it! jesus christ, I love journey. pass the juicy fruit & then let's get it on in the backseat of a shelby mustang parked in the fresno high school parking lot, ok?

Doug M.

I think this is great. He looks and sounds like he's been possessed by the spirit of Steve Perry. Um, except that according to Wikipedia Steve Perry is still alive. But otherwise!

The W also tells us that Arnel will be Journey's third lead singer post-Perry. Don't stop believing, indeed.

Doug M.

Doug M.

[googling] Hm, looks like Arnel (who is 40, and has been singing professionally since he was 15) is a well known pop music figure in the Philippines, with a couple of hits and a decent income.

That detracts from the Cinderella narrative, but brings in an interesting new angle: mainstream Anglo-American bands starting to look to the wider world.

There are a lot of good Filipino pop singers out there. True, they're mostly singing the worst songs in the world -- covering Journey is like playing the Goldberg Variations, relatively speaking -- but they're technically really good.

I'm thinking wave of the future here.

Doug M.


You can tell Pineda has analyzed Perry's voice, phoneme by phoneme. He sometimes uses long i's and u's instead of short ones: "ween", "boolevard". And he's a little flat in this clip (though not in others). But these are quibbles. He's got the grit and the range and the passion. It's uncanny.

There are other clips of him singing Cheap Trick and Queen songs. (OMP.) But it's still in the style of Perry, with only a little Zander and Mercury.

Journey is now in the cruise liner stage of its lifecycle, so I don't think it'll be much different for Pineda. And technical proficiency is not central to making pop stars.

Still. What a voice! both of them. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The way people used to get misty-eyed listening to a good version of Danny Boy or O Sole Mio -- like that.


I'd like to know how he met Noel.

Speaking of Freddie Mercury, heard Mika? I picked them up off the Euro charts and now they're getting the occasional airtime in Puerto Rico. I don't know if the States has heard of them. But their lead singer does a mean Freddie.


I haven't heard Mika, but I do have Tributo A Queen, which is exactly what you think. Molotov does a -- cover would be the wrong word -- a *version* of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Why I haven't copied this for Noel yet, I don't know.


That's ... that's very different, Carlos. It may grow on me with repetition. Or not. I can't tell, yet.

karl ochs

Whoever just said arnel Pineda A.K.A. dirty little asian is a better steve perry then steve perry needs to go die in a ditch. you deserved to be punched in the OVARY!!!! and deserve to have a chemical bath until your skin rots off and you have no eyebrows.

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