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November 01, 2007


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I sure don't have any objections to you posting every day.

(What's that? can't hear you! me ghost? yes, Halloween was spooky.)

Dennis Brennan

Fishing for topic ideas?
Why the heck are Albania and Romania, of all places, in the francophonie, and Armenia is an observer?

Jussi Jalonen

Are you asking for ideas? Well, would you like to add war neurosis as a new topic for this blog? I might have something to tell of the topic.

To clarify, I just finished writing a biography of a certain Knight of the Mannerheim Cross who had a very violent case of PTSD. I submitted it at the Department of Historical Science at the local university, and I'm defending it on December 14th.

(Interestingly enough, the jäger colonel in question was the son of the founder of the Nokia company.)


J. J.

Will Baird

I vote that we finally get the long overdue paleo-related post on biochemistries that Carlos promised as part of this!

Besides that, I think I'd like to hear a bit of history of the wineries in your current hang-out, Doug! The Caucasus has a lot of interesting vintages and history associated with it. You're sitting on top of it, Doug!

I'd love to hear about the Mexican banking system and its differences from the US from Noel.

As for Claudia, I'd love to hear some of the thoughts from the outside (with the possible inclusion in the future) of something mildly off the wall you've noticed about the candidates Dem and Rep running for Prez here in the US. An outside POV can be very inciteful. I'd prefer a not so much thorough thrashing of each one, but rather something else that we might not see being, y'know, Yanks.

Just some suggestions.

Syd Webb

J. J. wrote:

"To clarify, I just finished writing a biography of a certain Knight of the Mannerheim Cross who had a very violent case of PTSD."

Not Eino Polón? Say more, tell how!

Jussi Jalonen

The same person. That's the kind of story that one doesn't find from the official officer matricles.

I'd gladly ramble more of the person in question, of his tragic and colourful story as well as of how to combine psychopathology and historiography, but it's really up to the weblog hosts to decide whether HDTD is a suitable forum for the PTSD.

Of course, I may have misunderstood Doug's question "who's with me", but it did sound like a request for volunteers to step in.


J. J.

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