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November 24, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

"The narrator, a mobbed-up Jersey kid in post-Communist Cuba, is sent back in time to pirate days."

Already I'm hooked.

Andrew R.

I'm looking forward to reading it (though I haven't yet gotten around to Knight and Wizard because of some tepid reviews). Even when Wolfe doesn't quite hit it (the Long Sun books didn't quite do it for me) he's still amazing.

Okay, what the hell, I'll launch on a Wolfe panegyric.I first encountered Wolfe in undergraduate, when one of my professors recommended him to me. The Book of the New Sun held me spellbound. His work is glorious at least partially because he can be enjoyed on many many different levels. On a surface reading, you can have monsters, mercenaries, spaceships powered by angels, and nice SF/F trappings, but then his work also rewards multiple close readings. In a way, it brings to mind, say, Shakespeare, whose plays could appeal both to the groundlings and St. Paul's alumni at the same time.

Thanks for bringing this new Wolfe to my attention, Carlos. I now know what I'm going to be reading this Christmas break.


I've never read any Wolfe. Would you mind telling me if there is an especially good place to start or, conversely, any particular books to avoid? Or is it all good?

Andrew R.

I'm pretty sure that was a question for Carlos, but I'll throw out the answer that it was The Book of the New Son tetralogy that absolutely hooked me. It was like no SF/F I'd ever read, and had me hooked from about the moment I started it. That's my vote. The tetralogy has recently been re-issued in two volumes, each one containing two of the books of the series.

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