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September 13, 2007


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Melk! Home of the fictional Adson von Melk!

Waaaay back in the primitive 80's before the Internet or *anything*, The Name of the Rose was made into a feature film starring Sean Connery, and I saw it with friends in Germany. And I bought the book (in German) and got maybe 30% into it before leaving the damn thing in Spain while on vacation.

Years later, I started it again, and got the same 30% into it before ... I don't remember before what.

And then for many years we have been in Puerto Rico and Europe while our possessions gathered dust in Indiana, but *now*, since we have officially decided to actually live in one place at a time, all of our stuff is here.

So I'm finally catching up on reading from the 80's! Isn't that cool?

(Now if I can work food into this it'll be the quintessential HDTD comment...)


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