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September 10, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

Claudia, I am happy to see this side of you come out, though I'm certainly sad about the situation that precipitated it. Doug wasn't hurt in any way, was he?

Bernard, redoubling your prayers for divine (or at least venereal) retribution


Hm. I'm not sure this is good or bad. ;-)

No, Doug wasn't hurt, other than his pride.

Something that occurred to me belatedly: the iPod needs to be hooked up to a computer to be charged, for which you need a. a computer and b. the connecting cable. Even if you have a., b. will be hard to come by in Moldova.
But then, the guy was on the train from Bucharest, so he can feasibly go back there and go to the Apple store and buy one.
Still. Natalie suggested the iPod should have a surge and blow out the guy's eardrums. Personally, I like that idea quite a bit.


You know, I saw the title, and my first thought was, "Dammit, Noel, this is a family blog!" :-o

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