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July 18, 2007


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Bernard Guerrero

a bratwurst stand where you can actually get the best bratwurst in Germany -- some even say, in the world?

Good lord, did you show this to Carlos before you posted it? :^)


Bernard, is there a best shade of blue? Ostheim bratwursts are pretty darn good.

I know about the animal intestines -- my aunt Bonnie used to come back from the night shift at the sausage plant with casings stuck to her boots while she was staying with us.

Ostheim is a little like the non-Stephen King version of my hometown. On the other hand, between the Fulda Gap, the Thirty Years' War, and that dork who ripped off Chaplin's mustache, I think we probably got the better deal. And our volunteer fire department does corn (on the cob) roasts.

On the other other hand, Ostheim has two breweries. Hm.

Doug (not Muir)

Sounds suspiciously like that one kid's town in Good Omens...


Wow,what an interesting post about Ostheim, Claudia. A trip there sounds delightful. Yes, I'd love to sit outside and watch it all.

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