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June 30, 2007


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The New York City Math Teacher

So, I didn't steer you so far wrong, eh?

I think I will have a tongue/corned-beef sandwich with daikon pickle, doppelbock, and a paan.


V. good book. I didn't like Kavalier and Clay all that much, but Chabon's setting -- Yiddish Alaska -- allowed his natural exuberance room to play without being obnoxious.

And Dennis Brennan has a significant role ATL. Way to go, Dennis! (You, NYCMT, would be laughing at my lesser borealic winter experience.)

Even the cover is a sweet piece of graphic design.

Dennis Brennan

A friend just mentioned my alter ego to me-- I'll have to find the book. (My friend described the Dennis Brennan in the book as a "loser, yellow-journalist type").

I don't grep the blog for my name, I'm just catching this now.

Bernard Guerrero

Alright, you got me. Off to Amazon....

Dennis Brennan

Finally got around to buying the book. (I normally don't buy hardcovers, I'm cheap like that.)

Pulitzer-prize winners are now writing alt-hist. Who knew.

Chabon lays on the Chandler pretty heavily, to be sure, but I like Chandler.


Chabon also lays on the Babel: the whole shtarker mythos, Benny Krieg and the gangsters of Odessa. Good stuff. (Oddly similar to Chandler, and Hemingway too, which has to be convergence -- a reaction against the late imperial adventure novel? probably.) But it's the quirky stuff that sealed the deal for me.

And I hear Roth is in the running for the next Nobel, unless they can find a poorly translated eastern European poet.

(No, I don't have much to say about Lessing. never warmed to her work, although a book of the Shikasta series is based on the architecture of the Alhambra, which in retrospect makes it interesting enough for a re-read.)

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