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June 08, 2007


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Jussi Jalonen

Finally, the essentials of life: cooking.

Me, I spent the last Thursday helping a couple of young Slavonic women moving. Since the said activity traditionally involves an obligatory coffee at the new house, and since I never want to arrive at such occasions empty-handed, I made them a cheese-cake from my own left-overs.

Pretty simple. Crush a few chocolate biscuits for a bottom and mix the stuffing from pure fresh white cheese, quark, sugar, some apple juice, foaming vanilla sauce, molten white chocolate and, of course, gelatin powder. Let the stuff congeal in a fridge overnight, then fix the frosting from apple juice and gelatinous sugar.

The usual, straightforward recipe which everyone knows; not exactly sernik krlewski. But for whatever reason, the girls really were completely, absolutely, positively spellbound.

(They also appreciated my help in moving, of course.)



Will Baird

ach. Sounds wonderful, Carlos! More recipes!

The New York City Math Teacher

Vous tes un vrai garde de manger.

There's a few stalks of rhubard waiting for treatment in our own frigidaire.

Bernard Guerrero

Rhubarb? Yum! I make a great rhubarb icecream topping. I second Will, more food!

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