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April 21, 2007


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oooooh! that rage to master thing is interesting. I couldn't read the whole thing, because I can only have an ickle sliver of window open right now (I should really marry a guy who knows something about technology, right, yep) and anyhow, I have to have a whole screen to read. well, no. well, you know what I'm saying, right?

o, how it lives here in the little Empress with the dance. and so we just, yk, chauffeur her and stay out of her way. I've seen her in class and it's an amazing thing, watching her in full concentration, totally getting it on. which is different from me, who only has rage to master arts & crafts. which I then stick in a closet, all those porny barbie dioramas & afghans & little sculpey guys & cashmere scarves. or maybe a drawer full of poems. so you see how it's not the same. though I did last week decide that I should be better at bending over and getting it from proper penmanship. and so I spent an hour today fussing around and whistling and sawing with my calligraphy text + all those pens I have around. fun.

with ballet? well, not on teh intarweb. uh. yeah, good. the grocery store was full of people just like me! later, skater. xx

Dennis Brennan

Yahoo has a free service (http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1 ) to start up fantasy football leagues. I believe that they permit invitation-only leagues. Is there any interest in forming a league among the Usual Gang Hereabouts? (I believe that the Yahoo service offers an alternative where everybody starts with computer-assigned teams instead of a draft; this might be more fair for Our Friends Overseas).

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