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September 05, 2006


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Noel Maurer

I have no explanation about Romanian pessimism.

I do, however, have a question. Is it that hard for a highly skilled English-speaking expat to get a fairly well-paying job in Romania? I ask because I know that in, say, Mexico or Brazil it would not be particularly difficult for a person of your qualifications to find a decently-remunerated skilled job as a consultant or adjunct academic. Why the trouble in Romania?


I guess the optimism regarding the EU is not missing, it's just getting back to normal. It's been close to an abnormal high in the last year, so finally we are calming down, having some fears about the future(western competitors for home-grown businesses, plenty of weird and expensive regulations in all industries, higher prices, etc...) ; however, all in all, people are still overoptimistic, imho


Well, yes, it's difficult.
It's not as if Doug is the only one, and he's expensive. Life is not cheap here in Romania, schools are costly, housing prices are climbing ever higher. So we could not take much of a pay cut.

And there is the additional wrinkle that he has only started a CoP position half a year ago from which he can't really run away quite yet.

It's all dreaming. It's also hard to see how happy the kids are here and to know that we have to take this away from them in just three days.

Noel Maurer

I am sorry to hear that, Claudia. Rarely have I seen someone fall in love so ... honestly ... with a new country. I suppose I've got this idea in my head that there has to be a way to make it happen.

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